Variety and vintage: Mencía 2018

% Alcohol: 12%

Production: 2190 bottles

Altitude: 980 meters

Soil: Lime stone, sandy loam.

Age of vines: 20 years old.

Pruned: Vines in goblet and treslling.

Climate: High altitude continental climate. The high altitude
results in significant thermal variation between
daylight and night.

Rainfall: Vintage 2017: < 300mm / year

Viticulture: Ecological viticulture in conversion, currently a combination between biodynamic and ecological. No perticides or fertilizers of chemical synthesis are used: we only treat vines with powder sulfur and a horse-drawn ecological preparation that we apply by hand. We do not use tractors in treatments to minimize the compaction of the soil.
We till the soil the minimum possible to maintain the indigenous vegetation cover for the longest time possible. This gives our vineyards the right balance in terms of diversity of microorganisms and insects and it also helps us in controlling their vigor. All our vineyards are worked by our team and each task is conducted following the lunar calendar.

Oenology: Minimum intervention in the cellar. No additives are added to the wine: we do not use clarifiers, enzymes, yeasts, or nutrients. We only use a minimal dose of sulfur to prevent oxidation and contamination. In the cellar we also follow the lunar calendar for all oenological actions, from the entry of the grapes in the cellar to the bottling, which we do without filtering.

Harvest: Manual in boxes, with exhaustive selection in field.

Elaboration: Manual discharge in the cellar, where we make a second selection of the best grapes. The grapes are destemmed and pressed mecanically through a gentle and progressive process to obtain a high quality must. The debourbaging is done at low temperature with no chemical substances added, with temperature lowered to around 8ºC during 24-48 hours.

Fermentation: Complete fermentation with the skins and autochtonous yeasts at controlled temperature during half lunar cycle. A light daily batonage is applied to obtain a smooth extraction. Pressed with the feet.

Aging: Aged for 9 months in different materials: 33% in French oak barrels of 500 litres for 4 months and the rest in full stainless steel tanks. The racking is always done at very low speeds, avoiding oxygenation blows.