One of our objectives is to convert our old vine vineyards into organic viticulture, in order to produce the greatest quality grapes. For this, we provide the land and flora of our vineyards with the life that conventional agriculture had stolen from them. We do not use pesticides or chemical synthesis fertilizers, we only treat the strains with sulfur powder and with an ecological preparation of horsetail, which we always apply by hand. We do not use tractors in treatments to minimize soil compaction.

We work the land as little as possible to maintain the spontaneous vegetation cover that gives us a balanced diversity of microorganisms and insects in the vineyard, while helping to control the vigor of our vines. We work on all our vineyards following the lunar calendar.


We started with our first vintage in 2016, elaborated in complicated spaces and without conditioning. With great effort and illusion, we produced our first three white wines, that reassured us on the great potential of the project: UN (Torrontés), DOS (Merseguera) and TRES (Cupage).

Finally we can confirm our expectations, the area has great potential: autochthonous varieties, terroir, high altitude as our standard, quality grapes… a place where wine is unique.

In the winery, as in our vineyards, our premise is the minimum intervention: we do not use yeasts, clarifiers, enzymes, nutrients or chemicals, only a small dose of sulfur to avoid oxidation and contamination. In the winery we also follow the lunar calendar from the entrance of the grape in the winery until the bottling.

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